Things To Do in Canggu – Experience Canggu Different Way

Bali is filled with unique places and unforgettable destinations, especially the lively neighborhood of Canggu! 

Once upon a time, Canggu was just another quiet corner in Bali where surfers come and go. Now, it’s turned into the hippest slice of paradise in this island of the gods with so many things to do in Canggu!

Welcome to a vibrant coastal gem in Bali that effortlessly blends beach vibes, lush rice terraces, and a melting pot of global culture. Whether you’re a digital nomad seeking a laid-back work paradise, a surf enthusiast chasing the perfect wave, or just someone looking for a memorable vacation, Canggu has something for everyone!

If you’re still looking for what to do in Canggu, this article will help you narrow down your options, making the most of your time in Canggu while ensuring that you experience every aspect of Canggu.

Surfing & Sunsets

When thinking of what to do in Canggu, surfing is always the first answer. It is one of the main reasons visitors from all over the world keep coming back to Canggu. The perfect waves for beginners and seasoned surfers alike. The most famous beaches in Canggu are Berawa, Batu Bolong, Echo Beach, Pererenan, and Old Man’s! Entrance to these beaches generally cost you IDR 2,000 motorcycles and IDR 3,000 for cars to park in their designated area. If you’re looking to start, there are an abundance of qualified surf instructors offering a range of lessons, starting from about 20 USD for a single lesson.

If you’re feeling hungry, let the food come your way! You can enjoy a beachside grilled corn from travelling vendors, or simply stroll down the rows of restaurants and beach clubs nearby, relaxing after a day of surfing and just soaking in unobstructed Bali sunsets.

a women surfing on sunset at canggu

Beach Club Hopping

Wondering what to do in Canggu to make the most of your visit? Beach clubs are one of the best ways to experience Canggu while indulging in day-to-night fun. For instance, Cafe del Mar Bali is the perfect way to soak in the Canggu vibe in the best way! Located right by the entrance of the Canggu neighbourhood, Cafe del Mar Bali is an all-encompassing venue of the global Cafe del Mar brand, originating from the lovely island of Ibiza.

Nestled along the coast of Canggu, you can enjoy unobstructed sunset views while lounging in their cozy daybeds, or liven it up in one of their deluxe suites for a more private indulgence with your crew! The perfect spot to catch iconic sunsets while sipping on signature cocktails during their Cocktail Hours (6.30 to 8.30 PM), and indulging in excellent fusion cuisines as the DJ spins their chill tunes. Take a look the best pool party experience here

things to do in canggu, relax on a beach club

Shop non-stop

If you’re still contemplating what to do in Canggu, then shopping is always a good idea! With a good number of shops within walking distance from each other, you can shop a range of unique products, from local stalls and concept stores, to curated boutiques and sustainable shops, offering a unique shopping experience for both travellers and locals 

Find cute island dresses, or level up your swimwear, or even discover artisan home goods and bring a piece of Bali home with you!

Things To Do in Canggu, two woman shopping in mall

Brunch Session

Canggu is now the number one area when it comes to trendy brunches. Most people who love exploring things to do in Canggu will definitely put brunch on their list.

Freshly baked goods that can rival Parisian delicacies are abundant in Canggu, from croissants to sourdough. You can easily find brunch staples in most Canggu restaurants, like smashed avos, poached eggs, and classic smoothie bowls. Check out our dining spot recommendation here!

Party on

Watch as the night turns into an extravagant celebration when roaming the roads of Canggu. The streets might be a bit busier, but the atmosphere is definitely livelier. So if you’re looking for what to do in Canggu, then you can wait until sunset to explore the vibrant Canggu nightlife. Check out our recommendation about Canggu nightlife

Expect a lineup of iconic clubs and bars right next door to each other, perfect for bar hopping and finding the perfect spot to party down for the night! Hypnotising DJs and live entertainment with a side of signature cocktails.

canggu nightlife

Canggu is a destination that offers a diverse range of activities and experiences, making it perfect for all types of travelers. Whether you’re seeking relaxation on the beach, spiritual enlightenment through yoga, culinary adventures, cultural exploration, or an exciting nightlife, Canggu has it all. So, when you ponder about what to do in Canggu,remember that the possibilities are endless, ensuring a memorable and fulfilling journey in this charming Balinese village.

  • Обслуживание 10/10. Еда вкусная Место отличное Официанты замечательные Советую приходить к открытию и оставаться до заката, тогда и место выбрать будет проще и в целом день пройдет отлично.

    Michael Pavlenko Avatar Michael Pavlenko
    June 26, 2023
  • Kmren dpet undangan dari pnb suasananya enak makanannya juga enak, enaknya kalau kesini sore jadi bisa menikmati sunset dengan view pantai , thankyou juga buat staff cewe kak lala udah escort ke restoran , semoga bs kesana lagi 😍 🏼

    Siska Puspita Avatar Siska Puspita
    October 12, 2023
  • If you want to chill in a more laid back beach club with less crowd, this is the place to go! The oysters I ordered were also very fresh and they hv DJ playing nice music also (more on pop songs / EDM)

    Kenny Tang Avatar Kenny Tang
    June 3, 2023
  • Good Job Buat Caffe Del Mar.... Mulai Dari Pelayanan Asli Poll Ramah Ramah Kita Butuh Apa Saja Pelayanan slalu sigap Dan Tempat nya bersih kita baru datang saja disambut ramah dan tidak membedakan orang kaya miskin atau apa pokoknya rekomendasi banget Caffe del Mar lain kali kalau ke Bali gk bakal lupa sama Caffe ini.... Harga makanan cukup terjangkau sekelas Caffe / beach club Untuk keamanan juga the best setiap mau masuk selalu di cek kendaraan tas dll Asli mbak mbak yang jaga mas mas Nya satpam/security nya ramah ramah Menunya juga banyak terdapat mushola juga bagi yang mau sholat tinggal tanya aja jangan kan dijawab bahkan sampai di antar Udah pokok nya rekomendasi banget.... Untuk menu nanti saya spil foto nya beberapa aja

    adibaffan alfian Avatar adibaffan alfian
    October 12, 2023
  • Amazing Place✨ 🏻

    Puty Meriliandi Avatar Puty Meriliandi
    September 28, 2023
  • I had an amazing experience at Cafe del Mar Bali! The location is stunning, with an incredible ocean view and a relaxed atmosphere that's perfect for unwinding. The staff were friendly and attentive, and the food was top-notch. I particularly enjoyed the seafood options, which were fresh and flavorful. The music at Cafe del Mar Bali was also a highlight for me. The DJs played a great mix of chill-out tunes and upbeat tracks that kept the vibe lively without being too overwhelming. I loved the relaxed beach club atmosphere and the beautiful sunset views - it was the perfect place to spend an evening in Bali. Overall, I highly recommend Cafe del Mar Bali to anyone looking for a great dining and entertainment experience in a beautiful beachfront location. It's definitely worth a visit if you're in the area!

    Satria Putra Avatar Satria Putra
    May 3, 2023
  • First time here and the ambience didn’t disappoint. Our service staff - Cynthia, was really helpful. Helped take a bunch of pictures around the area to capture the best sunsets. We had some snacks (wings & calamari) and churros. All were pretty good. The dipping sauce for the calamari was alittle salty but it was better with the sauce from the wings. :) Happy hour starts at 7pm and it’s really good value. We were there from 430pm - 8pm.

    William Tay Avatar William Tay
    June 26, 2023
  • Everything at Cafe Del Mar was perfect. From food, the service and the entire vibe. Special shout-out to Juli who served us. He was so friendly and accommodated to our every need. Hope to drop by in the near future

    Deven Donavan Avatar Deven Donavan
    April 3, 2023
  • Pelayanan ramah dengan kak elsa

    Urban Vape Avatar Urban Vape
    October 12, 2023
  • Visited this place with a friend I made traveling in Hanoi, we agreed to meet up and pay 2.5M IDR between the two of us for a pass on one of the beds near the pool that afforded us everything. The food is spectacular and so is the service, and the view during the sunset is quite unbeatable. Plus we also got to view a "fashion show" by sheer luck which was nice.

    Upamanyu Avatar Upamanyu
    June 3, 2023


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