While the holiday cheer is slowly melting away, it’s never too early to start planning your next Christmas holiday! And what better way to celebrate than with a visit to Bali, where you can experience a tropical celebration. Extend your holidays and find out more about what you can do for Christmas in Bali. Do They Celebrate Christmas in Bali? One might wonder if the predominantly Hindu island like Bali celebrates Christmas, and the answer is yes! In this culturally diverse island, you can still feel the joyful spirit in the air regardless of religion. Christmas is usually seen as the season of togetherness, highlighting the importance of community and family. From simple decorations to tropical Christmas trees, Christmas in Bali is a truly unique experience because you get the chance to see Bali’s unique craftsmanship as the locals prepare to welcome the season too. Discover wooden decorations and tropical santa clauses as you stroll through the streets. You can expect lots of sales and events during Christmas in Bali, complete with Santa shows and even Boxing day sales in select stores for those looking for post-Christmas bargains! What is the Bali weather during Christmas? The months leading up to Christmas in Bali are generally in the wet/rainy season, starting from October and ending in April.  Despite the weather, Bali is still on high-demand during the holidays, with tourists coming from all over the world to experience a tropical Christmas with the warmth of the Bali sun. But don’t worry, the rain won’t come every day and will only last no more than a couple of hours. Once the clouds pass, you are in for a sunny treat! Is Bali busy over Christmas? Generally speaking, it can get busy towards the end of the year, with tourists looking to escape the cold winters and into the warm embrace of summer in paradise.  You can expect traffic and a handful of crowds in most touristy areas, but you can still find a relaxed and serene spot away from the busyness and inspire you to explore more of what the island has to offer for a magical Christmas in Bali! What to do during Christmas in Bali? There are so many ways to celebrate Christmas in Bali. From a lavish staycation, shopping sprees around the island, to a Christmas dinner in Bali—there’s a multitude of things you can do to begin your holiday festivities. Christmas at Café del Mar Bali Christmas in Bali just isn’t complete without a day by the sea! And at Café del Mar Bali, you can sit back and enjoy the holiday feeling in our beachside, Mediterranean-inspired playground!  Switch the red and greens of Christmas into the white and blue of Café del Mar Bali to immerse yourself in the tropical feeling. Christmas in Bali just isn’t complete without a day by the sea! And at Café del Mar Bali, you can sit back aPlus, if you’re looking for Christmas dinner in Bali, you can join in Café del Mar Bali’s annual Christmas dinner, complete with a curated selection of delicious feasts, live music, and even a special carolling session in their beachside restaurant, La Mer! Check out our sunset dinner experience here! Experience local festivities Step away from the touristy areas and visit downtown Denpasar for the annual Denpasar Festival happening around Christmas time. Denpasar Festival is a local community event that highlights the best of Denpasar, from culinary selection, to handmade crafts and local goods. You can even find unique art installations and live performances for a truly unique Christmas in Bali! Shop til you drop Get your last minute Christmas shopping in one of the malls in Bali and find exclusive deals. And, you can even enjoy an array of special Christmas events, and even meet Santa! If you’re looking for high-end brands, Beachwalk Mall offers a wide range of stores, from the latest sneakers at Foot Locker to the fabulous Coach outlet. Or if you’re trying to escape the Bali heat, Living World mall is an indoor mall for a quick yet cool shopping spree! And if you’re in Nusa Dua, don’t forget to visit Bali Collection, an open-air mall nestled in its serenity. Stay in Style Arguably, the best place to stay in Bali during the holidays is in one of the many beachside resorts to truly immerse yourself in the tropical spirit of Christmas in Bali. Celebrating Christmas in Bali offers a unique and enchanting tropical experience that blends the festive spirit with the island’s warm energy. There are no wrong ways to celebrate the season, be it a solo trip, or a family dinner. It’s all about making warm memories and embracing the vibrance of Bali.