Aside from vibrant towns and stunning beaches, Bali is also known for its rich cultural heritage, including the unique Day of Silence. A day dedicated to the Balinese Hindu tradition of cleansing the island from evil spirits. For 24 hours, the island will go into “silent mode”, a stark contrast to its usually exciting charm, as a serene calmness falls over the island. Check out this article to know what to expect for Nyepi next year! What is Nyepi? Nyepi is a key event in the Balinese Hindu calendar celebrating the new Saka Year. It’s a day in a year where the island comes to a standstill for a moment of reflection and meditation. All activities in the island will close during Nyepi, including the airport and other transportation going in and out of the island will cease. Everyone is expected to stay at home in lockdown mode. Before Nyepi: Melasti Their preparation for Nyepi begins with a cleansing ritual a few days prior to Nyepi. A majority of the Balinese will gather at the beach wearing white as a symbol of purification. Usually sacred objects are paraded around the “village” before being purified. During Nyepi The actual day of Nyepi starts from 6 AM to 6 AM the next day. During this day, you can expect absolute silence all over the island. The local guards, or pecalang, will patrol the area to ensure that everyone stays indoors and respect the Day of Silence. After Nyepi: Ogoh-Ogoh Parade Mostly known as Pengerupukan, this portion of the celebration is the widely anticipated Ogoh-Ogoh parade, a stunning display of papier-mache depicting monsters and other ghoulish things by local regions or ‘banjars’. The streets will be closed as people flock the streets with the giant figures, making vibrant noises, from loud music to traditional instruments as they parade the streets. Then, at the end of the parade, the ogoh-ogoh will be burned in an open area.  This is done in the hopes that the evil spirits in the island will be attracted by the lights and the noise, and by the time they arrive, the island will already be in lockdown mode, seemingly deserted and losing interest. Thus, the island will be free of evil spirits for another year. When is Nyepi in Bali? Nyepi usually falls around March, following the new lunar sequence. In 2025, Nyepi Day will be observed on Saturday, March 29th, 6:00 AM until Sunday, March 30th.   Should everyone celebrate Nyepi, even tourists? You don’t have to join in the rituals and ceremonies, but everyone in the island is expected to adhere to the four rules of Nyepi: Basically, foreigners and non-Balinese Hindu are expected to stay indoors, refraining from outdoor activities outside of your home, hotel, or villa. What can I do during Nyepi? If you’re staying in the hotel, you can still enjoy the facilities and amenities they offer. Some may even offer fun activities or promos for guests, from spa packages, movie nights, and more to enjoy the most of your time during your stay.  If you’re staying in a villa or an Airbnb, you can bask in the complete serenity of the island. You might want to stock up on some food and drinks as there will be no delivery services and shops open during the day. Most shops may even close the day before Nyepi. Things to avoid during Nyepi: With the basics down, you’ll be ready for Nyepi 2025! And after the day of serenity ends, you can stop by Café del Mar Bali to resume your island holiday!